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Cooper-Young Community Association
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Mural Progress

Over the last 6 months we've made great progress on the mural and completion is near. Although we had to stop painting due to winter weather with just a few of sections left to touch up and a couple areas to be painted, we plan start back mid March depending on the weather and temperature.

Once started we will spend a day and/or weekend cleaning up the debris from the winter by bagging up trash and leaves, wiping dust from the walls, cutting down over growth at the end of each walkway and picking up other items that seem to find it's way into the breezeway and between the columns. The remaining work should not take longer than a couple of weekends along with an additional day trimming out the end columns to the underpass entry way and a stencil between the overhead tracks.

For Fun and Learning

To help kids get through the long winter days of being stuck in the house due to the cold weather and being forced to watch cartoons and movies, eat bowls of hot soup and pop corn while drinking hot chocolate (man what a life). You can go to our downloads page and yes "download" some of the cool images from the mural. Yes you'll have to pull out the crayons, color pencils and even paint, find a table top or just have them stretch out on the floor and see just how creative you can be.

If you check back I may even put up some other cool stuff that will bring your kids hours of fun, and don't forget to put these works of art on walls and refrigerators so they can plan their own mural one day.

Download coloring pages:

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For more information about the Cooper-Young Community go to www.cooperyoung.org. To get additional information about the mural project go to our media page.

Slide show Photos by Carl E. Moore &
visiting student Caroline Thorman