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Cooper-Young Community Association
2298 Young Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104

Artist Carl E. Moore


I was born in Canton Mississippi and currently live and work in Memphis, TN as a artist and designer. I consider my work to be a form of visual communication using simplicity and depth to express current, social and economic conditions that effect our lives on a daily basis. By using common themes and media based content, a connection is developed between the personal and the public by using color and composition to express mood, situation and setting. This style is also presented in my series of drawings that relay a more surreal set of ideas and concerns designed to evoke discussions about the environment and social classes.  This work also explores topics such as living space, environmental adaptation and alternative communication.  


Artist’s Michelle Reeves:


Michelle Reeves grew up in the one-sided railroad town of Etowah located in southeast Tennessee at the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. She attended undergrad at Austin Peay State University and, although frequenting the art department, received her BS in chemistry. Reeves moved to Memphis in 2004 where she atteded the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and earned her Doctoratein Pharmacy. Although her educational background is not that of a ‘trained’ artist, she has lived a life filled with art. Raised in a family of uniquely talented individuals, she has been exposed to most every medium and produce a body of work exhibiting this exposure. Reeves has been Memphian for over eight years as well as a resident of Midtown and joined the Cooper Young Community three years ago. As proud to call Memphis her home as any resident could be, she hopes to be involved in its’ art, beautification, and  preservation for years to come.